Detailed Workflow

Prior to starting The Supreme Master Assessment, it is important that you read the Before You Begin section in full.

Go to The Supreme Master Assessment entry page and accept the terms of the website. Log in or Sign up and complete your Profile.

Once you’ve completed your Profile, read Test Sets and Exercises section to know what tests to select, what to expect and what equipment will be needed.

Now you can begin your Assessment by entering the Basic Data regarding your current climbing performance, habits, and experience.

Once you have completed the “Basic data”, you can continue on to complete The Supreme Master Assessment’s four main sections. Remember to keep the order of exercises in Test Sets and Exercises. Of course, you can select any test you feel will be valuable for you, but please take proper rests in between.

You can enter data into the form at any time in your testing, after each or after all test exercises have been completed. Currently the form is organized by type of exercise, not sorted as suggested in Test Sets and Exercises but that will soon be available.

Upon completion of The Supreme Master Assessment, you will be able to view the Analysis of your results compared alongside the data of other climbers. As more climbers contribute to Test4Climbing, the database will expand and the accuracy of the data will improve. You may find that your analysis changes slightly as the site grows. Thinking along those lines, please encourage your friends and peers to contribute to the database as well! (despite the fact this will probably make them even more competitive :-) ).

If you find this tool to be valuable, please think about Donating to help keep this service available and continue its development.