Needed equipment

The Supreme Master Checkout requires some equipment to use, despite we tried to minimize that as much as possible.

Wooden hangboard

A hangboard should be made of hard leafy tree and accordingly sanded to provide proper friction and fingers skin care at once.


Needed edges depth depends on how advanced climber you are:

  • 45 mm = appx. 1,75” (1 3/4“) - mostly used by novice climbers
  • 20 mm = appx. 0,8” (4/5“) - mostly used by medium advanced climbers
  • 15 mm = appx. 0.6” (3/5") - mostly used by advanced climbers
  • 10 mm = appx. 0.5” (2/5") - mostly used by professional climbers

First three above are available in Beastmaker 1000 (Edges number 1, 3 and 7).
Outer edges should be rounded 8 mm radius - like in f.ex. Beastmaker, Witchholds and many other hangboards.
10 mm edge and smaller edges usually are rounded just a little bit - like in Micros from f.ex. Beastmaker or Witchholds.


If the hangboard is old, used a lot for years and the friction is low you can take a piece of sandpaper with grain 120 and make few swipes on the surface of the needed edge.


Quite popular examples are:

  • Beastmaker 1000
  • Any more with 45, 20 and 15 mm edges? Let us know!

Harness or soft belt

Harness or a soft and wide belt is needed to hang added weight to you waist.


Variety of weight plates and short piece of rope or a sling to hang the weight to the harness

Pull up bar

Pull up bar should has diameter around 2,5 - 4 cm with with non-slippery surface, f.ex. taped with a finger tape for proper friction

Gym rings

Gym rings are the gym rings. May be wooden or plastic. It doesn't matter. Use chalk.