The Supreme Master Assessment

Climbing Performance Assessment

A system correlating physical abilities and mental game to climbing grade

IMPORTANT - Enter real data only

The Supreme Master Assessment cost A LOT of work and energy, so please don't make try-outs and don't enter whatever data just to see how it works. Please enter the real data only you really recorded at the tests.

All data are used for analytics so entering not real data will make this tool useless.

Warning Annular_and_cruciform_parts_of_fibrous_sheath_over_flexor_tendon_sheaths

Despite trying to set a combination of tests possible for climbers of all experience levels, The Supreme Master Assessment is for climbers who have been climbing regularly for at least two years, as it may easily result in injury otherwise. Even experienced climbers injure themselves during training exercises sometimes. Always warm up well before performing tests.

The Tests

The survey will guide you through a battery of tests which should be done with attention to detail and maximum effort to produce the most reliable results and analysis.

In order to make the data usable we need hundreds or even thousands of submissions from climbers. The data will feature different perspectives of human kinetics, self-feeling, experience, mental and physical abilities, and skills. Nonetheless, the system will treat the data as KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). This way we can generate an analysis that might help you estimate your weaknesses and the direction of your training and climbing development.

All the results of physical test exercises are numerical. They can be the amount of added weight (kg or lbs), hold time (seconds), distance (mm, cm, or inches), or the number of repetitions. You can enter data below zero (with - minus), 0 (zero), or, in most cases, above zero. If your measurement system is imperial, please use decimals (f.ex. 5.6 inches). If you cannot perform the test exercise at all due to difficulty, enter 0 (zero) as the result.

Please carefully read the Before you begin section before starting your Supreme Master Assessment.

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